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Increase revenue by capturing more available program reimbursement savings through closing the loop on specialist prescriptions.


340BWell helps FQHCs track patients’ status in real time and capture audit-proof evidence of ownership of prescriptions, while helping encourage patients to visit contract pharmacies whenever possible. FQHCs receive increased savings dollars from the 340B program.

How it Works

  • Drugs are sold to Covered Entities (CE) at 20-50% discounts and reimbursed at the full rate if the prescription is filled at a designated contract pharmacy.

  • 340BWell helps direct the patient to a contract pharmacy and informs the specialist to ensure proper documentation so the CE can capture the savings.

  • The documentation needed to prove ownership of the savings is captured for both the CE (referring) provider and the specialist (referral) provider.

The 340B capture rate for prescriptions written by a CE (FQHC) is 37%, but only 2% for prescriptions written by a non-CE specialist.

Results from independent analysis of CE contract pharmacy and TPA data.

340BWell Benefits

Contract Pharmacy Guidance

340BWell makes it easy for referral providers to determine the most convenient contract pharmacy for the patient and send them there for qualifying prescriptions.

Program Expansion

The CE can track prescriptions for their patients written by referral providers that were previously unknown to them, thereby expanding the 340B savings opportunities.

Specialist Audit Trail

340BWell ensures medical records are shared between the CE and the referral provider, creating an audit trail for the CE or their TPE to claim 340B savings.

Ease Process Burden

The 340B data capture is automated, making it easy for the CE to meet the program requirements without additional paperwork or labor.

Operational Support

ReferWell’s operations team follows up to ensure loop closure when necessary, ensuring maximum compliance and savings opportunities.

Market Wide Use

340BWell also supports all patient visits, providing additional care coordination and cost savings opportunities to the CE.

340BWell is compatible with all TPAs, contract pharmacies and provider EMRs, simplifying care coordination and documentation.